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Meta Desc: MJ Wholesale is a renowned supplier of marijuana packaging and smoking supplies. It carries diverse products from top brands like Gnash and Pucker. Read the blog to find out more.

MJ Wholesale is a leading wholesaler of smoking equipment and accessories, marijuana packaging, growing and processing supplies. Established back in 2015 as HGR packaging, it has been successfully providing cannabis businesses and retailers the products they need for nearly a decade. MJ Wholesale has made its mark as one of the top suppliers of smoking accessories in the country and is quickly becoming the preferred supplier for more and more businesses.

The wide collection of smoke shop supplies, smoking accessories and marijuana packaging available on MJ Wholesale, makes them the favorite of retailers. Their top-notch customer service, fast delivery, and wholesale prices give them an edge over other suppliers. Marijuana growers and processors, head shop owners, smoke shop owners and dispensary owners, can all find a range of products for their operations and business on their website. 

Recently they have also launched a remarkable, ‘industry-first’ e-commerce mobile application to make shopping simple and fast for all marijuana businesses and retailers. Buyers can avail the best offers, massive discounts and shop seamlessly on their app by creating an account on their website

Benefits of Choosing MJ Wholesale as your supplier

If you’re a smoke shop or head shop owner, and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable wholesale partner, you can benefit greatly by choosing MJ Wholesale as your supplier. 

Here are some reasons why:

  • Avail weekly promotions and offers through a range of products
  • Ease of shopping with the MJ Wholesale Mobile App
  • Get Free Shipping on orders above $850
  • Get access to a wide array of Smoking Equipment & Tools, Marijuana Growing, Processing & Packaging Supplies 
  • Buy products of the most popular brands – from classic to the newest 
  • Shop at wholesale prices – the best in the market

MJ Wholesale – The Distributor for Top Brands

Not only is MJ Wholesale a reputable and reliable wholesaler of marijuana packaging and smoking supplies, but is also a preferred distributor of many brands. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and unique brands whose collections you can find on MJ Wholesale. 

  1. Pucker 

Pucker is a brand for those who won’t settle for anything but the best. It specializes in producing high-quality vapes and smoking devices. Pucker’s vibrant collection consists of unique, cool and high-quality devices for every form of cannabis – right from wax, to oil and flower. Some Pucker devices are designed to handle multiple forms of cannabis. Their devices have funky, cool and bright designs that not only provide the best smoking experience but make them very attractive and collectible-worthy!

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a versatile collection of Pucker Vaporizers, featuring some of the best Pucker vapes like the Pucker Pocket Smoking Wax Vaporizer, Pucker Surge Smoking Wax Vaporizer, Pucker “Dapper” 510 Cartridge Battery, Pucker “Mother” Smoking Vaporizer among many others. Lightweight, portable and comfortable in the hand, your customers will love using the Pucker vapes. All Pucker devices are user friendly, affordable and high-performance.

One of the most popular names when it comes to electronic smoking tools, Pucker, goes a step ahead and makes it easy for their buyer to reach them, exchange their products, replace parts or request a refund if needed.

  1. Gnash

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a vast collection of herb grinders from Gnash. Gnash grinders are made of surgical stainless steel that makes them supremely durable for regular usage and gives them a unique premium look. The Gnash grinders are easy to use as they feature a chamber door for quick collection and 54 razor sharp diamond shaped teeth for easy grinding, as a part of their construction. Every grinder from Gnash sports a distinct, highly detailed enamel top design that is sure to catch the eye of your customers. 

We carry a range of Gnash grinders like the Social Party Grinder, Psalm Grinder, Sock & Buskin Grinder, Society of Elevation Grinder among many others. If you want a mix and match of their offerings, you can choose the set of eight Gnash grinders that comprise of eight different Gnash grinders with unique designs. The Gnash Lip Ashtray from their collection is an instant attention getter with its bold, attractive design and durable, ceramic build. 

  1. Rollin Budz

Rolling Budz is known for its range of top-quality dabbing tools and accessories with unique designs that stand out from the rest. There is no dearth of variety, designs and beauty when it comes to the offerings from the Rollin Budz. 

MJ Wholesale carries a wide collection of distinct products from Rollin Budz like their rolling trays, dab mats, odor free bags and much more. The best feature of the Rollin Budz rolling trays is that they are made of a special composite and hence don’t dent or bend, making them sturdy and long-lasting. 

  1. Knox Gold

Knox Gold is known for its versatile and unique collection of top-quality, 24k edible gold rolling papers. The Knox Gold papers are crafted with a hemp blend. The rolling papers from Knox are designed to burn slowly and consistently, providing an elevated smoking experience each time. 

MJ Wholesale carries a wide range of Knox Gold Rolling Papers in standard size and King size, both, along with the Knox 24K King Size Cones

Get Shopping!

You too can buy a bulk quantity of your favorite smoking accessories and supplies at wholesale rates from MJ Wholesale. Get access to the best brands and a wide array of wholesale smoking supplies from one of the most reliable wholesale supplier - MJ Wholesale. 

If confused about how to get started, here’s what you need to do. Start by creating your account with them on their website. How to do that? All you need to do is share a valid tax ID and place a minimum order of $200, and you’re all set to begin your journey with MJ Wholesale. So, don’t wait. Shop and stock up on a diverse range of smoking supplies for your business today!  

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